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in the ghetto with annie


omg mom it’s JUST METH calm down

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"Being a girl is so fucking expensive."
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Faces of Fashion Week: Fernanda!Photo: F E E L T H E F U T U R E

I’m not saying we should have sex but we should.

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Anonymous asked: where's your grey jumper from in your recent upload?? X

I got it in america and I cant remember the shop, sorry!

new music 4 u all

Anonymous asked: Where'd you get your leopard bag from in the photo you recently uploaded?? Luurrrveeee your blog x

thanks!! umm i actually have no idea its clubmondays! xoxoxo

youth-domain asked: Hey i love your blog, so glad i found it today it would mean so much to me if you could check mine out xxxxx

thanks! sure thing xooxox


my grades are going down i’m yelling tumblr

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